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Always excellent

Heather, 11 Jan 2021

Very helpful perfect kebab

Lee, 04 Jan 2021

Best kebab in the area. Never go anywhere else!

Hannah, 02 Jan 2021

feed you when you are hungry ;-)

Jozef, 20 Dec 2020

Stones left in olives causing a chipped tooth

Alison, 18 Dec 2020

Don’t order olives on a pizza!! Dental warning..... they leave the stones in the olives. Cracked my tooth

Alison, 18 Dec 2020

Thanks, always super prompt and tastes great

Benjamin, 17 Dec 2020


Garth, 05 Dec 2020

Lovely food always❤️

Alex, 04 Dec 2020

Ordered a kebab tonight and was so disappointed, since I have coeliac disease and wasn’t having a pitta bread I asked for more salad, I felt the portion size wasn’t adequate for a normal portion the chicken was so over cooked all in all very poor!!!

Lynn Ready, 04 Dec 2020


Glenn, 24 Nov 2020

Really nice affordable food.

Hayley, 22 Nov 2020


Leah, 13 Nov 2020


Leah, 13 Nov 2020

Very good

Bartosz, 10 Nov 2020

Very good food always hot

Leah, 07 Nov 2020


Aleksandrs, 28 Oct 2020

Best kebabs in corby. Chip portions are a little small.

Matthew, 18 Oct 2020

Very bad no statements of what there food is very appauling and delivered the wrong food wont be going here again

Adam Davies, 11 Oct 2020


Alb, 10 Oct 2020

Very disappointed! The fish was extremely dried up and a disappointment.

Heather, 02 Oct 2020

My cheesy chips were absolutely vile, they tasted like they had been cooked at 10am n left there till 11pm, my battered sausages were burnt on one side the batter was rock hard and glued to the sausage, then the other sides the meat was pink, it absolutely disgusting! My pancake roll was burnt to shreads, it looked like someone scrunched it with their fingers! They only good thing out of my order was my drinks!

Elise Woods, 22 Sep 2020

Never had a bad meal yet


Pizza ok but lm order Garlic mayo and reciving mayo :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Pizza ok but lm order Garlic mayo and reciving mayo :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)